Tauranga Destination Skatepark Progress

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January 2024

We are delighted to bring you an update on the progress of the Tauranga Destination Skatepark, one of our largest projects to date currently being constructed by Angus McMillan Concrete. The construction efforts are forging ahead at full throttle, with a significant portion of the Bowl, Ditch, and Skateable Art Area now standing as a testament to the quality and skill of our team.

One of the standout features in the skatepark, the 3D printed Skateable Art Wave, commands attention alongside Maunganui Road. It will captivate the gaze of countless people passing by. This innovative inclusion of 3D printed elements marks a groundbreaking adaptation in skatepark design, providing a distinctive aesthetic and introducing fresh avenues for creativity in construction.

Traversing the skatepark, the ditch beckons with a kicker rollover at its inception, guiding skaters through a ditch channel space adorned with rounded concrete edges. Further down the ditch, a diverse array of features awaits, seamlessly blending banks and ditches to create an exhilarating skating experience. Culminating at the journey's end is a versatile miniramp, positioned for standalone use or for integration into the ditch circuit, offering users a return route through the Skateable Art space to the ditch's starting point.

Our construction progress is looks well on target, and we anticipate the grand unveiling of the completed skatepark around the end of March. Following this achievement, our focus will shift to other exciting projects both in the northern and southern regions of Aotearoa.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to roll out excellence in skatepark innovation and park development. The Tauranga Destination Skatepark is destined to be a landmark, and we look forward to welcoming skateboard enthusiasts and onlookers alike to experience this unique fusion of art and sport.

If you want to check out the original design click here

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