South Wairarapa District Council
Pierce Street, Grey Town
1 Apr
Angus McMillan Concrete

Project Details

Greytown Wheels Park stands as a cutting-edge integrated open space facility nestled at 2-4 Pierce Street, Greytown. Infused with a commitment to sustainable construction practices, the park minimizes its environmental impact. Council funding is injecting $1 million into the project, with the community required to rally to raise the remaining balance.

Encompassing a diverse array of recreational features, the park hosts a skatepark and a wheeled play area, incorporating elements tailored for those learning to ride. Skateable furniture and integrated skate elements weave seamlessly throughout the park, creating an engaging environment. A pump track,a basketball half court, and a strategically designed carpark on Cotter Street,featuring street calming measures, enhance the overall appeal. The park fosters improved pedestrian entry and seamless connectivity between Greytown Park and the Woodside Trail Entry.

A central hub acts as the linchpin, linking various environments and circulation paths. The park is equipped with public amenities such as toilet facilities, shelters, seating, bike racks, rubbish bins, accessible water fountains, and BBQs. Additionally, there are provisions for water and power connections, catering to potential temporary small service, café shops and events. Landscaped gardens and green spaces, that include fruiting specimens,shade trees, lighting, and CCTV cameras, contribute to the park's vibrant atmosphere.

The skatepark within the facility comprises a long street section connected to a raised flow bowl area. Three flow bowls of varying heights, with extensions, cater to skaters of different skill levels. The street skating space offers fundamental features like hubba ledges, stairs, handrails, street rails, manuals, skate kerbs, hips, and other unique elements. The hard-paved area, housing the basketball court, provides an open space ambiance,incorporating a long learner ledge for beginners to practice tricks. The split-level volcano and radiused skate curb add further diversity to this space,appealing to a wide range of users.

The playground introduces elevation to the site, acting as a gateway to the pump track. Various play areas, situated on different levels of the proposed mound, include trampolines, hammocks, a musical equipment spinner, towers, a concrete slide, scramble nets, and bank climbing elements. A dedicated toddler play area on the lower levels features a spinner, springer, balance logs, and swings. On the opposite side of the mound, a swing area with a setup of four swings and a large basket swing, named the 'Eagle Claw,' completes the recreational offerings. The pump track creatively intertwines with the playground, utilizing the mound to regulate user speed in specific sections,ensuring a dynamic and safe experience for all.

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"The Mangakino Skate Facility integrates harmoniously with an existing public square and consists of a range of miniramps and innovative ramp features including the 'shark tooth'."

Mangakino Skatepark
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