Tairawhiti Adventure Trust
204 Grey Street, Gisborne
1 Oct

Project Details

Alfred Cox skatepark (also known as Gisborne Skatepark) can be found a short walk from Gisborne’s Waikanae beach. Originally opened in 2001, the past two decades have seen gradual DIY upgrades implemented by various members of the community.

The Tairāwhiti Adventure Trust was formed with the aspiration of supporting adventure sports in Te Tai Rāwhiti (Gisborne). The trust serves as a vehicle for the various groups and clubs present in the district to lobby for action, and it opens a gateway of accessibility for those groups and whānau who benefit from adventure sports to have a shared kaupapa to work toward together.

The first project of the Tairāwhiti Adventure Trust was the Alfred Cox Skatepark redevelopment, with an aim of upgrading the facility to a modern and international standard to give opportunity for current and future generations to grow and develop in their respective sports. RICH Landscapes became involved, and engaged members of the local skatepark communities to develop an initial design.

The design incorporated various existing features; the Main Slab, Double Spine Ramp Set Up, Timber Vert Ramp, timber Mini Ramp and the adjacent low retaining walls. The remainder of the park has been demolished and rebuilt with three distinct spaces: 

1. Learner Wheeled Play Area 

2. Main Slab with Terraces, Trick Orientated Elements and Jump Box features 

3. Upper Platform with variety of Bowl Spaces that integrate with one another 

Circulation has been taken into account with this renewal project including accessible pathways to all areas, as well as maintaining a steady level of progression for skatepark users to develop and grow creatively in their respective sports.

Check out our latest blogpost and follow The Tairāwhiti Adventure Trust for the latest updates on Alfred Cox Skatepark.

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