About RICH Landscapes

RICH Landscapes was established in 2002 by Richard Smith who has a wealth of experience from his design and build experiences and his more than 19 years of skateboarding to create GREAT environments for you.

Richard Smith has received awards from the Ellerslie Flower Show to the New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects Resene Pride of Place Awards demonstrating his ability to design and create QUALITY spaces.  

RICH Landscapes understands your needs in creating QUALITY personalised solutions for your property that adds value to your asset while being an enjoyable place to live, work, play or experience.

Our core principles in skate design are to promote diversity and the evolution of skate environments so that your designed space or facility appeals to a wide variety of user groups and styles while still adhering to international trends.

Our Process

We engage your key stakeholders and community in a thorough skate design process that delivers the best possible outcome. We connect with the environments user groups and incorporate their ideas and aspirations into the design so they are proud of what they have achieved through their involvement.

Using information gathered from community and stakeholder input we create precise 3D modelled skate environments that can be distributed through plans, 3 dimensional rendered images, online navigable 3D environments and VR integration that allows your project to be understood at a greater level by all of those involved in the design process.

Who we work with

We deliver environments for communities, educational institutes and private developments while also providing skate consultancy services for multi-use spaces and parks. We also have exceptional 3D Modelling skills that you can use to tie your whole comprehensive development together into one 3D package.

This highlights and eliminates errors and omissions when dealing with multiple consultancies while providing an accurate platform for future design and marketing We create beautiful, aspiring and meaningful designs that are a REAL asset for your community.


FLOW is Aotearoa’s premier skatepark resurfacing and furniture specialists, dedicated to the design and production of sustainable prefabricated concrete and steel skatepark features to enhance your environments for skateboard and wheeled-play use.

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Why RICH Landscapes?

Over 95 skate environment projects across New Zealand, Australia, Rarotonga and China
Thorough knowledge in ever evolving skate environment design
Active skaters in skateboarding culture
Innovative in design of facilities
Great knowledge of existing facilities across New Zealand and abroad
Winner of the 2013 NZILA Resene Pride of Place Distinction Award: Raglan Skatepark Extension
2014 Finalist in the Local Government New Zealand EXCELLANCE Awards: William Nelson Reserve Skatepark, Hastings
2014 New Zealand Recreation (NZRA) OUTSTANDING PROJECT Award: William Nelson Reserve Skatepark, Hastings
Qualified Landscape Architect
Professionally Insured

Meet the Team

Richard Smith

Having worked his way up through the industry from his early teenage years as a Kerbstone Joiner, Richard gained a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture in 2002 while working as a Maintenance Worker on the Auckland Motorway System. In the Landscape Industry he worked with landscape design and build firms initially, designing and implementing residential, commercial and public projects.

Snapping his radius skateboarding in 2004, Richard began to focus on the 3D design of various environments from small courtyards through to urban environments while becoming a specialist in Skate Design and Consultancy.

Richard has designed over 100 skate and play facilities, and is highly skilled in 3D Design, 3D Printing, Detailed and Rendered Drawings, and soft and hard Landscape Construction.

Recently becoming proficient in 3D Scanning of sites and Post Processing Cloud Point Data in 3D modelling programmes.

Richard is an avid skater, with over 24 years skateboarding experience he has toured extensively around New Zealand, Australia, the United States, Canada and China experiencing hundreds of skate facilities and environments.

Jessica Taylor

Jessica has over 20 years’ experience working with corporate clients in New Zealand, Australia and London. Working across a range of industries from Financial Services, Government Agencies, Property and Education, Jessica has led and executed strategic digital initiatives and products, with a focus on delivering intuitive experiences for users.

Tapping into her project management experience, Jessica joined RICH Landscapes as Programme Manager in 2018 and is our main point of contact for project delivery and client communication.

“This park caters for all age and skill levels so its perfect to bring the kids for the day. “

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