Katikati Skatepark Extension

Moore Park, Katikati
19 Aug

Project Details

The Katikati Skatepark underwent a face lift and new extension of street and transitional styled elements implemented along a long finger extending from the original skatepark.

Concrete grinding was used on the existing surfaces that had been worn away from years of weathering and use to create a smooth and clean finish. Various elements including a wollie block, manual pad and standard ledge extended from the original environment leading into a more transitional environment including a vert quarter pipe, rising quarter pipe and an innovative skate obstacle.

Skaters and BMXers in Katikati now have a great new skate environment that will keep them entertained for years to come while providing a destination for fellow users to stop and stretch their legs in the Western Bay of Plenty.

Photos By Todd Henry Documentary Photography

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“This park caters for all age and skill levels so its perfect to bring the kids for the day. “

Raven C - Yelp.co.nz
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