Masterton Skatepark Renewal

Masterton District Council
Dixon Street, Masterton
18 Feb

Project Details

The Masterton Skatepark Renewal is a revitalisation of the existing Skatepark facility located off Dixon Street that currently encompasses an existing Flow Bowl, retrofitted Roller Skating Rink and outer Cycle Loop. The new design looks to demolish sections of the existing park while maintaining and enhancing areas that still have skate value. This creates a more sustainable design while increasing the overall footprint of the environment.

The rejuvenated skatepark will include the refurbished flow bowl, new pool bowl with terraced seating, main platform with street skating features, resurfaced main slab with new street features, bowled miniramp with transfer, upper street skating area, resurfaced outer loop with pump styled elements and box jump setup that will broaden the usability of the environment.

Redevelopment on the bowl includes filling in the low central section of the existing bowl to improve flow between the shallow and deep sections of the environment, an improved waterfall with gentler transition, transitioned subbox, pool coping and additional remedial works on corners and hips. Resurfacing through grinding and or use of a skate resurfacing product is also proposed.

The Central Street Area will be increased in height with a new pool bowl with vert upper lip and other flow and street elements. These features include ramps, quarterpipes, cantilevered quarterpipe pocket, hubba ledges, skinny across and down ledge, a handrail and quarterpipe with steel coping.

The main street skating area will be resurfaced where required with new bank and skate features built into the landform making use of the existing grassed bank and long kerb, which will be altered through cutting and grinding to improve its usability. The existing pyramid and up, across and down ledge will be rebuilt to provide better skating angles. Quarterpipes at either end of the facility will also be built to improve flow back and worth through this environment. Above this area will be a smaller street skating area including ledges, pole jam, Steel Rail and A Frame Ramps with a proposed all weather shelter.

A long Quarterpipe at the southern end with transitioned bank extension is proposed that will lead to a multi levelled box jump with transitioned sides to increase flow through the skatepark environment and provide additional flyout lines from this linier setup. The Jump Boxes would be accessed by the multi levelled drop-in quarterpipes that back onto the terraced seating area facing the pool bowl. At the end of the box jump section is the transitioned bank with central quarterpipe to provide an additional flyout feature or to turn users back into the skatepark.

Part of the overall design is to integrate new lighting across the facility to make this environment usable in low light conditions.

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