Private Residence

1 Jan

Project Details

Our own personal showcase home garden has seen many years of evolution, starting from a scrubby mix of 'specimen' shrubs and trees, several established Nikau palms and a rather boring rectangular shaped lawn, to an urban oasis mixed with tropical and succulent plant varieties.

The use of meandering planting beds creates two distinct spaces in the garden that embraces the beauty of the landscape while providing interest and direction towards their alternative uses.   "Play expression" has had a strong effect on this garden design, giving us the inspiration & energy to develop our dreams & ideas;  looking for outdoor life, interactions and adventures.

It works superbly for young, curios and active children!

Vege gardens are also incorporated to produce food, while composting and worm bins are used to recycle plant matter back into the garden effectively.

This property was our blank canvas to create a landscape garden fitting to our own family needs and to learn more about different plant varieties, how they work together and how they can perform at their best!

It is really important that you get to know your garden and what you want from it. The key is to have the correct information about how to maintain and look after it, very easily, as much good as possible!

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