St Albans Skatepark

Christchurch City Council
St Albans Park, Forfar Street, Edgeware, Christchurch
6 May

Project Details

The St. Albans skatepark extension is a part of the wider Christchurch skatepark redevelopments implemented by the Christchurch City Council. Just north of the CBD on Forfar Street, Edgeware is St. Albans park, it has been popular with locals and the wider skate community for many years as an intermediate level park comprising of two mini-ramps formed from quarter-pipes with an iconic spine between them.

Being situated in a school district the community began to express interest in a redevelopment that would cater to younger skatepark users alongside various features to make the park more accessible and inviting, RICH Landscapes came on board during the 2020 planning to design the extension.

To maintain the character of the park it was important to extend on what was already there; this being the mini-ramp set up with rollover feature next to the spine. As the park flows out beyond the original space, we focused on developing a beginner-friendly street style area, features of which include:

  • A Flat Rail
  • A kicker to flat-top box
  • A long ledge with funbox
  • An elevated flat rail
  • A quarter-pipe at the end

The implementation of these features makes St. Albans skatepark more accessible to beginners and brings in a new dimension of obstacles to add value to the park.

A new seating area was installed which makes the park more inviting for families and allows users to rest while they spend time at the facility.

Please check out our blogpost on the Christchurch Skatepark Redevelopments for a broader view of what is happening in the area, and contact us if you would like to enquire about skatepark design in your area.

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"The facility was elongated due to the characteristics of the site. The Skate Path was a great idea that allows for a 120m long flow line with a diverse range of obstacles."

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