Christchurch City Council
Nayland Street, Sumner
8 Dec

Project Details

Sumner Village Green and Bays Skatepark is undergoing a major development alongside other facilities within the wider Christchurch Area.

The Village Green project aims to provide a central hub for the Sumner community with a fully integrated skatepark to encourage young people to grow their confidence and skills in a safe and inclusive facility.

After our consultation process with local rangatahi, skatepark users and relevant stakeholders we designed an entirely new facility to meet their desired needs.

The final skatepark design includes:

  • A 1.9 metre deep pool bowl with an upper 1.2m deep mini-bowl section
  • a 1m to 1.2m deep flow bowl with corner extenstion
  • Turnaround quarterpipes on either end of the street section
  • Ramps into the pump-bump area to create 3 distinct levels
  • A manual box, rail and large ledge
  • A rollover finger, bank and angled ledges
  • A down ledge from the upper section
  • Quarterpipes along the side featuring transitions and extra features

Surrounding the park is seating, pool-styled fencing and landscaping which marks the skatepark off from the Nayland Street entrance and includes easy accessibility to all levels of the facility.

Next to the skatepark is the Sumner Village Green area which is a large open space designed for community gatherings and interaction.

Features of the Sumner Village Green include:

  • Timber seating inserted into the walls
  • 0.4-0.5m high decking area
  • Picnic tables on concrete slabs
  • Rubbish bins
  • Drinking fountain
  • Double accessible BBQ unit and picnic table
  • Perimeter screening of residential properties for privacy
  • Path and stair section connecting to the skatepark

These two areas are distinct in character yet have a fluid transition between them to accomodate families and skatepark users, who are encouraged to maximise their use of the wider Village Green during their days out.

For more information on skatepark developments please check out our Projects page and comprehensive blogpost on what to expect in the wider Christchurch area.

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"The facility was elongated due to the characteristics of the site. The Skate Path was a great idea that allows for a 120m long flow line with a diverse range of obstacles."

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