Thames Skatepark

Porritt Park, Queen Street, Thames
6 May

Project Details

This design was developed from a community consultation process involving local users in the area. The design looks to provide a variety of elements for all users, connecting with its locality while fitting within a dedicated budget.   Features include a 1.5m High Miniramp that steps down to a 1.2m High Miniramp with flyout and rising quarter section. A low pyramid with ledge,  kinked flat round rail and sculptural 'Nugget' Manual Box are strategically located through the street section area with a wide turnaround 0.95m High Quarterpipe at the far end.  Provision has also been made for a pump track styled path to the side that connects with the facility.

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"Albany skatepark is very fun with creative lines and a little street area with ramps, ledges, stairs, quarter pipe and manual pads."
Albany Skatepark Extension
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