Tawa Skatepark Redevelopment to commence soon

October 2022

We’re stoked to see the rollout of the Tawa Skatepark Redevelopment Project as it completely reinvigorates the original park, transitioning it from an ageing relic to a modern skate facility.

Stage 1 of construction will be commencing this summer of which the entire core section of the park will be built.

The redevelopment of Tawa Skatepark is part of a wider initiative to upgrade Wellington skate facilities to modern standards, with Tawa itself being maintained over the years by dedicated locals. It has really been a team effort to get this project off the ground, with the Wellington Skateboarding Association pushing for the build and an amazing turn-out at the community engagement/consultation session that was held back in June.

RICH Landscapes are proud to be involved in redesigning Tawa Skatepark into an exciting destination for the Wellington skate scene and wheeled-play users alike.

Please keep an eye out for our upcoming project post on the Tawa Skatepark for further details, and don’t forget to keep checking our blog for regular updates on what we're doing!

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