Dargaville Skatepark Concept

Logan Street, Dargaville
21 Sep

Project Details

  • Design, 3D Model Development and Design Documentation

This Concept is an addition to the existing concrete pad that sits just off Logan Street, Dargaville. The design was broken into various strips and areas to create long lines and movement through the park while utilising the existing concrete slab and tree plantings. The design incorporated a 'river' like meandering path with wave structure, ship and wharf obstacle with a specially designed wood stack creating a connection to Dargaville's kauri gum and timber trading days. 'Kumara' shaped objects will also be created on the lower platform in conjunction with a variety of obstacles. A bowl with shade and seating will be developed off the top platform area. Being the gateway to the mighty Waipoua forest a number of kauri trees will be incorporated, planted in formalised lines to work with sight lines into and within the park. A natively planted drainage swale will run alongside the lowest platform to collect runoff from the park and drainage strips.

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"Postcards are going to spread the news with buzzwords like “rad” and “gnarly”, referring to how great the add-ons to the Raglan Skatepark are."

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