Edgecumbe Skatepark Developed Design

Rangitaiki Reserve, Edgecumbe, Bay of Plenty
18 May

Project Details

  • Design input, 3D Model Development and Design Documentation

To be situated at the Rangitaiki Reserve off College Road in Edgecumbe, the design intended to pull in the history and natural phenomena of the area where achieveable. Mountains, islands and the patchwork of farming paddocks all had an effect in this design. The earthquake of 1987 also lended its hand in the conceptualisation of the design through the 7km faultline that opened up in the Rangitaiki plains and through the damage that occured in the area.

The design consists of a top platform bowl area that orientates two long strips that intersect each other along the roadside. An axillary path also flows from the main hubba and steps to the furtherest end of the roadside strip. One strip has been patterned to illustrate the patchwork of farming paddocks in the area with one side seemingly braking away from the landform creating a depression (and drainage swale) immulating the earthquake faultline. Some semi circle manual pads (fallen silo tanks from dairy factory) and bent rails (railway tracks) are also included in this area. Along the roadside strip are a variety of obstacles including a large 'punched ticket' (cantilevered bank with cut outs) at one end and a hollowed volcanoe (White Island) and wave structure with plaque at the other. In some respects the peanut bowl could be considered as Mount Edgecumbe likened to Maori legend http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mount_Edgecumbe/Putauaki, if you feel the inclination.

The axillary path has a variety of rail jams with a tight carve wall to help with circulation. There are a few other obstacles spread throughout the skatepark that are best observed in the following images and video.

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