Dunedin City Council
Fairplay Street, Fairfield, Dunedin
20 Nov
44 Ramps

Project Details

RICH Landscapes had the unique opportunity of being engaged to undertake a significant miniramp redesign of the Fairfield Miniramps commissioned by Dunedin City Council. This was one of two distinct contracts that brought together the expertise of both RICH Landscapes and 44 Ramps to deliver an exceptional outcome.

The first contract entrusted RICH Landscapes with the task of developing the overall design, from concept to the developed design. Working closely with the community, RICH Landscapes ensured that every aspect of the project aligned with their aspirations. Through an inclusive co-design process, community input was incorporated to create a miniramp setup that truly reflected their desires.

With the developed design in place, 44 Ramps were engaged to deliver the ramp detailing and construction of the ramps. Under the second contract, 44 Ramps took the lead in meticulously detailing and bringing the design to life. Their technical proficiency and attention to detail ensured that the final product met the highest standards of quality and functionality.

The collaboration between RICH Landscapes and 44 Ramps resulted in the creation of cutting-edge skate surfaced miniramps, replacing the outdated metal sheeted ramps. RICH Landscapes' overarching design provided the framework for the project, while 44 Ramps added their expertise to refine the details and oversee the construction process.

The new miniramps showcased the combined efforts of both parties. It featured an extended 4.8-metre wide, 3-foot miniramp, providing ample space for skaters to showcase their skills. Additionally, a spined double miniramp, ranging from 5 to 6 feet in height, added an element of excitement and challenge. The ramps, spanning 7.2 metres in width on both sides, provided a thrilling experience for skaters of all levels.

Throughout the project, RICH Landscapes took great pride in their role of developing the overall design, ensuring that it precisely met the community's vision. The collaboration with 44 Ramps allowed for the seamless integration of detailed expertise and construction proficiency. Together, they delivered the miniramp setups that not only revitalised the space but also fostered a sense of community ownership and pride.

In summary, the separate engagement of RICH Landscapes and 44 Ramps under two contracts commissioned by Dunedin City Council resulted in the successful creation of cutting-edge miniramps that perfectly aligned with the community's aspirations. This achievement showcases the dedication of all parties involved and highlights the transformative power of skate amenities in fostering community engagement, promoting physical activity, and creating vibrant recreational spaces.

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