Hastings District Council
Flaxmere Park, Swansea Road, Flaxmere
17 Dec

Project Details

The Flaxmere Skate Park Design has been developed through consultation with the local community users, stakeholders and Kahungunu and Pacifica Artists. This project will be finalised through feedback received from the local community with close attention and support of the Art Collective to create a skate facility that will be evolutionary in its design and construction.

Features in the Flaxmere Skatepark include a Pou, Waharoa, Wharekai/ Whare Kaitiaki, Miniramp with Spine Ramp and extending Quarterpipe to Wallride, Quarterpipes of various heights, Standard Ledges of various heights, Quarterpipe hips of various heights, a Pole Jam, a Wedge, Pump Bump Round Rail, a Corner Pyramid with Skate Kerb, Pyramid with Square Rail, Euro Gap Pyramid, Long Ramp Round Rail, Across and Down Round Rail, Two Block Gap, Rectangle Rail over Gap, a Standard Flat Round Rail, Long Weathered Steel Wollie Ledge, Hubba Ledges, Ramp to Round Rail, a Handrail, Deep Flow Bowl with Rollin Quarterpipe, Hips, taco pocket and Vert Extension, various Wallrides, a Garden Gap, a Rollover, Small Flow Bowl with Roll-in, Pump Bump, Volcano and Rising Quarterpipe, Hippy Jumps, a Stage/ Manual Pad and Skateable Grandstand Seating.

The Hawkes Bay Region is becoming a hotbed of some of the best Skateparks New Zealand has to offer and with the completion of this community asset will further broaden the array of features available to its users.

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"Postcards are going to spread the news with buzzwords like “rad” and “gnarly”, referring to how great the add-ons to the Raglan Skatepark are."

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