Hayman Park Skatepark Renewal

Hayman Park, Ronwood Avenue, Manukau City, Auckland
20 Jun

Project Details

This design at Hayman Skatepark, the regional skatepark facility for Manukau City includes grinding the existing facility to improve the surface quality and remove the bumps and kinks that came through in the original construction. New Quarterpipes with standard and diamond grind coping will be implemented along the south-western side to increase new flow opportunities and mitigate the soil and organic debris entering the skatepark. A new seating platform with skate kerb and adjacent slab will be constructed on the north-eastern side to provide a comfortable location for users to watch while improving the drainage  so water doesn't sit on the existing slab as it has done for many years.

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"Postcards are going to spread the news with buzzwords like “rad” and “gnarly”, referring to how great the add-ons to the Raglan Skatepark are."

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