Melville Skatepark, Basketball Court And Playground Renewal Concept

Bader Drive, Melville, Hamilton
1 May

Project Details

This Melville Skatepark, Basketball Court and Playground renewal looked at implementing more terrain for users while making improvements to the existing facility. The design included:

  1. Minimal remedial works to the Melville Bowl to retain its historical character
  2. Resurfacing and fine detail improvements to the existing 'Stage 2' environment to increase the usability of the features. Further improvements including new features envisioned in future stages
  3. Additional street elements that would integrate with the Stage 2 area including quarterpipes, mini taco, bank to skate kerb, double set with rail and hubbas, banks and more
  4. New flow bowl with 4 - 5 foot mini bowl with spine and transfers, 2.5 to 5.5 foot deep ditch, 7 ft wollied extension and quarterpipe transfers into existing facility that also help increase movement and flow in that environment
  5. Extended basketball court providing two or whole court
  6. Extended playground environment aimed towards younger users with dynamic bar, net walk, monkey bars, basket swing, timber stepping posts and stepping stones
  7. Main Chill Area with seating, shelter and picnic table for all users overlooking the skate, playground and basketball area

​Our design ethos was to retain the heritage, maximise the size of the facility while approaching sustainability through reutilising as much as possible features and concrete slabs in the existing facility to the benefit of the user.

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"Albany skatepark is very fun with creative lines and a little street area with ramps, ledges, stairs, quarter pipe and manual pads."
Albany Skatepark Extension
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