Raglan Skatepark

Marine Parade, Raglan
1 Nov

Project Details

Winner of the 2013 New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architecture Resene Pride of Place Distinction Award

The Raglan Skatepark Extension was an initiative by the Waikato District Council to create a new range of stimulus for the skatepark users to enjoy while connecting to the surfing culture prominent in Raglan.

Maximising what could be done with a tight budget and high expectations, the project team was able to achieve 240m2 of additional skatepark area, with a wide degree of objectivity, integration with the existing skatepark and connection with its locality.

Objectivity covered banks, transitions and ledges in a variety of forms while black coloured concrete was used to connect with the black sands of the West Coast. An innovative ribbon of concrete with bulges and bends also flowed through the park providing homage to the surfing culture. Minimum visual disturbance from the end of Marine Parade towards the harbour was also achieved through working with the site and its existing form. Working through sensible design stormwater was able to drain freely into the grassed area adjacent reducing the need for additional stormwater systems to be implemented.

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"Postcards are going to spread the news with buzzwords like “rad” and “gnarly”, referring to how great the add-ons to the Raglan Skatepark are."

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Raglan Skatepark
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