Napier CBD Concrete Skatepark

Napier City Council
Marineland, 290 Marine Parade, Napier South, Napier
21 Dec
Angus McMillan Concrete

Project Details

RICH Landscapes designed the Concrete Skatepark component for the Napier Marine Parade Redevelopment. The space being formerly used for the iconic Marineland was transformed into a multi-use facility with the design making reference to the local landscape and the history of the site. With two bowls overlooking the sea, the ‘Orca Bowl’ uses the shell of an existing Aquarium tank to house the new Pool bowl.

Using Art Deco characteristics in its design the park contains many smooth lines contrasted with geometric shapes to create streamlined forms. Perpendicular to the shore line runs a ditch that meanders and shelves down to a large Quarterpipe section, moguls and Rising Quarter pipe Channel Gap.    A Sculptural undulating surface and feature transitioned Volcano flows towards the integrated street features.   A long quarterpipe with feature relocated palm trees from the former site form a distinctive line between the concrete skate facility and the historical grandstand and roller derby arena.

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"Albany skatepark is very fun with creative lines and a little street area with ramps, ledges, stairs, quarter pipe and manual pads."
Albany Skatepark Extension
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