Wellington City Council
Pukehuia Park, Newlands Road, Newlands, Wellington
31 Jul

Project Details

Pukehuia Skatepark (formerly Newlands Skatepark) was redesigned on a tight deadline as a component of a comprehensive redevelopment of the entire park. After consulting with local users, RICH Landscapes put forward a design proposing the removal of the north and south-western corners of the existing facility and the extension of retaining walls along the periphery of the park.

Platforms with quarterpipe features were built off of the retaining walls facing into the skate park, the south western corner was designed with these features:

1. A small mini bowl with various coping heights
2. A Spine ramp

New concrete coping was installed on the existing quarterpipe extension with its own unique detail.

The eastern bank was designed to incorporate street obstacles for new play opportunities:

1. Box and rail features
2. Hubbas
3. Ledges
4. Banks

A couple concrete lips in the existing park restricting flow were addressed and fixed providing new lines of movement around the park.

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“This park caters for all age and skill levels so its perfect to bring the kids for the day. “

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