Pukekohe Skatepark

19/ 21 Stadium Drive, Pukekohe
1 Dec

Project Details

The premise of the design was to work alongside the original user group and a local professional skateboarder to provide a skate facility for a diverse range of wheel play types and abilities.

This new public space will be a place for everyone outside and inside the local community, to interact and share. The Green and Brown pigments used throughout the space references the patchwork hills that surround the local area. The rails and shelter borrow the aesthetic of vernacular structure used in the agriculture industry.

RICH Landscapes was not involved in the construction of this facility nor condoned changes made to the detail and construction of this facility.

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“This park caters for all age and skill levels so its perfect to bring the kids for the day. “

Raven C - Yelp.co.nz
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