Rotorua CBD Skatepark

Corner Amohau Street and Ranolf Street, Rotorua
14 Oct

Project Details

The Rotorua CBD Skatepark renewal and extension is an environment containing a number of different areas to appeal to a variety of user groups. These areas include a  box jump section, flow bowl area, Moguland, Pool Bowl, Public Open Plaza and Flow street course area.

The aesthetic design of this environment draws from the geothermal activity in the local area. Wood and steel will be juxtaposed in minimalist compositions throughout the skatepark, drawing from geological formations. The compositions will not only be skateable but multifunctional in their use.

Vividly coloured rocks and soils in many geothermal areas are the result of hot, acidic gases and fluids interacting with the rock. Using this interaction as a metaphor for the social space, the design will not only bring materials together to interact but will create a space in which different people, of all ages and demographics will come together and interact, to produce equally as vivid colours as the surrounding geography. The site will be a community hub. Not only a place for wheel play sports but a place for everyone, people will go there to eat their lunch and watch the skaters, reminiscent of MACBA, Barcelona. Events will be held using the stage and terraced arena. The evolution of skate spaces in moving towards creating a community space with integrated wheelplay features that provides a space for all members of the public.

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