Taupo District Council
Tauhara Road, Taupo
8 Dec
Angus MCMillan Concrete

Project Details

The Taupo Skatepark Redevelopment aims to revitalize this well-loved skatepark, enhancing its existing features and making minor extensions to improve the overall experience. By addressing minor issues such as puddling areas and worn-out slabs, the project seeks to maintain the park's functionality and ensure it remains enjoyable for skaters.

The redevelopment includes the addition of several exciting new skate features, including a bank-to-kerb setup, a standard round rail, and a manual pad accompanied by a standard kerb featuring stylish wollie ends. These additions will complement the park's existing layout, providing skaters with fresh challenges and opportunities for creativity.

To further enhance the atmosphere of the skatepark, renowned New Zealand Skater and Artist Adam Wharekawa has been commissioned to create captivating artwork. His abstract landscape illustrations will grace the surfaces of the park, adding a touch of artistic flair and creating an inspiring backdrop for skaters. The installation of the artwork will be carried out using the FLOW resurfacing product, ensuring a seamless integration with the park's surfaces.

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"Albany skatepark is very fun with creative lines and a little street area with ramps, ledges, stairs, quarter pipe and manual pads."
Albany Skatepark Extension
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