Wellington City Council
Davies Street, Tawa
16 Jan

Project Details

Tawa Skatepark is situated on the boundaries of the Wellington region, nestled between Porirua and the Johnsonville area. RICH Landscapes came on board to redevelop this ageing park to a contemporary space that people of all ages and skill levels can enjoy.

Wellington skatepark upgrades have been pushed by the We Skate Pōneke campaign, spearheaded by a small community advocacy group known as the Wellington Skateboarding Association.

The current design has been split into two stages, allowing for construction of the Stage 1 park to begin and procurement of funds for Stage 2 to continue.

Features of the Stage 1 Tawa Skatepark design include:

  • Feature wall-ride to small transition
  • Bump to hydrant
  • Long Ledge
  • Bump to rail
  • Hipped quarter-pipe to pocket
  • Quarter-pipes and banks surrounding the park with skate kerb, wollie features, Lockwood Ledge, hips, roll-in and a corner pocket
  • A platformed drop-in area leading to Double Set with Rails
  • A across-and-down ledge and flat rail alongside a rebuild of the existing pyramid
  • A long manual pad/ledge on top of the platformed area
  • A long skate-kerb leading around bank to tight-bank transition
  • Original big-bank redesigned with a bank ledge and toe-platform
  • Standard rail on the flat area
  • Large-ledge with kerb gap

Each of these features occupy space in one of the areas of the park, namely two platformed areas which make up the middle section of the park and surrounding banks and quarter-pipes to maximise users time spent riding without having to stop or reset.

Outside of the skatepark facility are included the following features:

  • A new concrete path surrounding the skatepark
  • Seated area containing picnic tables which can be easily relocated for the Stage 2 development.

Check out our blogpost section for further updates on skateparks around the country.

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“This park caters for all age and skill levels so its perfect to bring the kids for the day. “

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