Vic Skatepark Concept

Victoria Park, Auckland
6 Nov

Project Details

Design input, 3D Model Development and Design Documentation

This concept was developed in response to the possible relocation of Vic Skatepark further down Beaumont Street towards New World. This design focussed on providing a range of different environments to cater for Skateboarding, BMX and other associated activities. Ideas to incorporate skateboarding facilities into the wider context was proposed but seems to have not been followed through into the overall landscape plan.

The skatepark includes a street plaza area that runs along the edge of Beaumont street that connects with the vert bowl, snakerun and trail area. These in turn lead into the flow bowl and BMX bowl that are further back in the skatepark. To accomodate a sense of place into the design a sail like transition positioned towards the harbour is proposed linking to the 'City of Sails' feel of Auckland City.

Volcanic like obstacles and transitions have also been proposed to connect with this feeling. As the Aotea Square Fountain Sculture was embraced by skateboarders of Auckland City a cantilevered bank mimicking the northern facing side of the fountain has been incorporated at the southern end of the plaza area. A variety of moveable objects including concrete bench seats or the nostalgic recycle bin were included to allow for on-going possibilities with what has been proposed.

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"Postcards are going to spread the news with buzzwords like “rad” and “gnarly”, referring to how great the add-ons to the Raglan Skatepark are."

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