Hastings Skatepark

Hastings City Council
William Nelson Reserve, Corner King Street North and Saint Aubyn Street West, Hastings
6 Oct
Angus McMillan Concrete

Project Details

2013 New Zealand Contractor's Federation Hawkes Bay CONSTRUCTION Award for Projects over $200,000
2014 Finalist in the Local Government New Zealand EXCELLANCE Awards
2014 New Zealand Recreation (NZRA) OUTSTANDING PROJECT Award
2015 Master Concrete Placers Association Supreme Award

Designer’s Mission Statement

o Connection to Hastings:

o Earthquake of 1931 that had a major impact on the region. Implemented irregular forms of terraces and obstacles

o Expression of Architectural Style that became prevalent in Hastings after the great earthquake namely Art Deco and Spanish Mission. Implemented expression in skatepark design through rail details, concrete patterns and obstacle features

o Fruit Bowl of New Zealand. Implemented ‘Fruit Bowl’ obstacle that is accessible from low and mid platform and can be incorporated into a number of lines through park layout. Also acts as central point for park design. Using red concrete also pays homage to the red wine industry that has become of national significance in New Zealand

o Changing environment in Skateboarding Culture especially in New Zealand. From personal observations skateboarding has seen a new surge in participants since around 2005 that haven’t lost momentum as in earlier periods. Changing attitudes towards skateboarding has led to better integration and possibly greater funding than in past endeavors. This is leading to a more positive environment than previously designed and portrayed. From personal experience some negative connotations, lack of personal betterment and self-investigation and enlightenment still exist both with skaters and those who are passively involved. Creating a sense that everyone is unique and extraordinary in our own ways can led to people becoming more confident with themselves and led to a more meaningful and happier life. Implemented wording throughout park to try to create a more positive atmosphere and question those users both passive and active on what these words and phrases really mean.   Implementation of these displays can also coincide with local user involvement where those users, guided by the ideas elaborated, can indicate what words and phrases could be appropriate in the environment. The creation of sculptural focal points in the skatepark can also develop on these ideas. Providing an environment that sticks to the core facilities but pushes the boundaries of innovation too is paramount in allowing users to express themselves in their own and unique ways.  

o Looking within New Zealand and abroad at skateboarding culture we can see that obstacles and environments used by skaters have become even more diverse in comparison to its beginnings. Though providing for local user groups (both in novice and advanced levels of skill) is of the up most importance, providing a range of stimulus for the variety of user groups that co-exist will make this a location for all people to visit and enjoy. Implemented core facilities to cater for local user groups while providing a range of stimulus to cater for all.

o Other Important considerations such as in the layout, components, landscaping, amenities, materials and security have been taken into account in the development of this skatepark proposal.

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"The facility was elongated due to the characteristics of the site. The Skate Path was a great idea that allows for a 120m long flow line with a diverse range of obstacles."

Omokoroa Skatepath
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