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Skateparks by David Andreu

This publication, authored by David Andreu and curated by Luka Melloni of Vulcano Skateparks, showcases a diverse collection of skate facilities created by top skatepark designers, architects, and urban landscapers worldwide. These spaces are not only designed by experts but are also used by them.

The development of skate facilities demands a deep technical understanding of the environment and a forward-looking perspective to provide the best experience for communities. 'Skateparks' serves as a valuable resource for architects, designers, landscapers, builders, urban planners, and, naturally, all skatepark enthusiasts worldwide who seek to stay updated on the latest wheeled play environments, ramps, and pump tracks constructed for their enjoyment."

Pub. date: July 2023

Format: 25 x 29 cm - 9.8 x 11.4 in

Binding: Hardcover with jacket

Pages: 280

ISBN: 978 84 9936 645 6

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"Postcards are going to spread the news with buzzwords like “rad” and “gnarly”, referring to how great the add-ons to the Raglan Skatepark are."

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