20 Years + in the Business!

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October 2023

Over 20 years ago, I kicked off RICH Landscapes, a venture that allowed me to explore new avenues beyond my regular job. My early projects involved designing native plantings along the Auckland Motorway System. As time went on, I found myself drawn to another passion—skatepark design. This was fuelled by my own experiences as a skater, witnessing the issues stemming from poorly designed skate environments.

Then, in 2008, the global financial crisis hit, and I stood at a crossroads in my career. Should I continue with the security of my current job, or should I take a leap of faith and pursue what I truly loved? I chose the latter. Along the way,I learned countless lessons in the world of business. Today, we've successfully completed over 100 skatepark designs, with more than 80 of them becoming a reality on the ground. Our projects have even expanded into full-fledged play park developments.

One of my key visions for skate environments goes beyond just skateparks. I believe in integrating them seamlessly into public and private spaces where people come together to play. Skateboarding brings a unique blend of utility, creativity,and social interaction that can transform spaces beyond their original intent. We've achieved quite a bit in the play park arena, as demonstrated by the success of Maidstone Max Park in Upper Hutt. But our journey to reshape public spaces continues.

To celebrate our 20 years in this business, we've designed a special "20 years"tee shirt featuring various bowl designs, both conceptual and realized,interwoven in a unique pattern. These shirts are now available for pre-order in white, yellow, blue, and maroon. If you're interested in grabbing one of these limited-edition tees, just follow just click on this link to place your order or go to the shop tab on our website. Act fast, as pre-orders will close on the 20th of October. Let's continue to roll together, keep the creative spirit alive, and make the most out of our public spaces. 🛹🌟#RICH20YearsTee

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“This park caters for all age and skill levels so its perfect to bring the kids for the day. “

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Albany Skatepark Extension
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