Havelock North Skatepark Opening

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March 2017

The Hastings District Council, Word in the ranks is that the redevelopment of Havelock North Domain is set to open towards the end of March/ start of April. This includes the Havelock North Skate facility that is going through some final improvements before opening. Thanks to Angus McMillan Concrete, Metal Magic and the rest of the contractors on  another stellar installation in the Hawkes Bay region.

Also, after discussions with the Hastings District Council they have indicated that they will be open to a flow bowl extension to the environment in the future if there is enough support from people in the local community. If this is something you would like to see in the future I would suggest organising yourself and approaching the council with your thoughts.

​To check out the original design click here

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"Albany skatepark is very fun with creative lines and a little street area with ramps, ledges, stairs, quarter pipe and manual pads."

Albany Skatepark Extension
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