Tauranga Destination Skatepark almost complete

March 2024

The Tauranga Skatepark is fast approaching completion with the majority of the street section now completed with only the concrete slabs surrounding the Toilet block to be done. Within this street area are a number of 3d printed and corten steel elements that adds a new aesthetic to skateboarding environments.

Angus McMillan Concrete have been working hard to complete the facility within the original time frame for the project, even with the addition of the final staged areas that were originally out of scope. These two areas included half of the street area and the final slabs adjacent to the new wharepaku. As the various elements have come together we can now see the sculptural qualities of this great facility.

Correspondence with Tauranga City Council tells us that they are looking to open the facility around May once the shared pathway and pedestrian crossing to New World is completed.

As the final touches are being put in place in the skatepark, the buzz surrounding the opening day of the Tauranga Skatepark is growing, evident by the number of requests we have received asking "when is opening day?". With the community eagerly awaiting its debut, we anticipate a vibrant gathering of skateboarders, families, and enthusiasts alike. The completion of this state-of-the-art facility promises not only thrilling skateboarding action but also a new hub for creativity, sportsmanship, and community engagement. We can't wait to witness the energy and excitement that will unfold on opening day, marking a significant milestone for Tauranga's skateboarding culture."

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