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Bishopdale skatepark can be found on Leacroft Street, North West of the Christchurch CBD. Originally designed to cater to intermediate level users, the features of the park began to near the end of their lifespan and the park started losing popularity due to its condition. RICH Landscapes came on board to re-design the park to modern standards, while widening the skill gap to cater to beginner and advanced users alike.

Much of the original Bishopdale skatepark was scarce, with a large open area leading into a sectioned area that had quarter-pipe features. In re-designing the park it was decided that many of these original features would be removed so that the space could be utilised in a more efficient way.

New features of the park include:

  • A 1.65 m hipped quarter pipe with a corner pocket
  • Several hips with a banked extension
  • A double sided pole-jam
  • A large pyramid
  • Round rail and manual boxes
  • Various volcanos placed around the park
  • A funbox with barrier feature
  • A 7.5 foot radius concrete miniramp

Alongside these skatepark obstacles, ease-of-life features such as new seating has been implemented to allow skatepark users and families to enjoy longer days at the park.

Overall, the final design of the park retained the core feel and character of the original Bishopdale skatepark while also bringing an array of new features to make use of the large space that was available.

For more information on the Christchurch Skatepark Redevelopments, please check out our blogpost, as well as the project pages on other skateparks in the area (St. Albans, Sumner Village Green) and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding Skatepark design and development.

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"The Mangakino Skate Facility integrates harmoniously with an existing public square and consists of a range of miniramps and innovative ramp features including the 'shark tooth'."

Mangakino Skatepark
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