Exciting Revival: Taupo Skatepark Undergoes Transformation

June 2023

Excitement is in the air as the rejuvenation of Taupo Skatepark is well underway, breathing new life into this existing asset and taking it to new heights. This eagerly anticipated redevelopment project aims to enhance the overall skateboarding experience by introducing improvements, expanding the park's footprint, and incorporating new features that will ignite the passion of users.

The skilled team from Angus McMillan Concrete has been hard at work for weeks, diligently laying the foundations for the park's revival. Through meticulous slab replacements and extensions, they are crafting a solid base that will set the stage for epic skate sessions. Their dedication and expertise are evident as they pave the way for the park's resurgence.

To further elevate the skatepark's appeal, the project has partnered with FLOW, a renowned provider of prefabricated skate equipment and skatepark solutions. FLOW brings their expertise in designing innovative skate features and ensuring top-quality riding surfaces. With their keen eye for functionality and aesthetics, they are committed to delivering skate features that cater to the diverse needs and preferences of the skateboarding community.

As construction progresses, anticipation grows for the park's future. Once the weather warms up, FLOW will step in to resurface the facility, creating a smooth and high-performance riding surface that will enhance the skateboarding experience. Users will have the perfect canvas to unleash their creativity, push their limits, and refine their skills.

The redevelopment of Taupo Skatepark is a testament to the recognition of its importance as an existing asset within the community. It is a place where users of all ages and skill levels come together, connect, and embrace the vibrant culture of skateboarding. The renewed skatepark will serve as a hub of excitement, fostering camaraderie, progression, and unforgettable memories.

As the construction nears completion and the finishing touches are added, anticipation builds for the grand reopening of Taupo Skatepark. With improved features, enhanced riding surfaces, and a renewed energy, the park will once again become a cherished destination for users from near and far. The transformation showcases the commitment of the community to nurturing and enhancing their existing skatepark, ensuring it continues to be a thriving asset that brings joy and excitement to all who visit.

The redevelopment of Taupo Skatepark is not just about renovating a physical space; it's about revitalizing a cherished asset that holds a special place in the hearts of users. It is a celebration of the skateboarding community and their dedication to creating a vibrant and inclusive environment. The renewed park will be a testament to the power of collaboration and the enduring spirit of skateboarding, paving the way for a bright future filled with exhilarating sessions and endless possibilities.

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"The Mangakino Skate Facility integrates harmoniously with an existing public square and consists of a range of miniramps and innovative ramp features including the 'shark tooth'."

Mangakino Skatepark
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